I just came across a write up for a show in Munich at Monika Sprüth Philomene Magers, UNEASY ANGEL / IMAGINE LOS ANGELES: An Exhibition on Intersections Between Reality and Fiction. It features a line up of some great and interesting conceptual artists including John Baldessari, Ed Ruscha, and Doug Aitken. What caught my attention was new work by feminist artist, Barbara Kruger. I love her art for it’s straightforward and clever manipulation of found images. She definitely understands how media culture uses women as commodities while targeting them as consumers. Her use of whimsy and humor, while tackling serious and controversial subjects is wonderful. I also admire the way her earlier collages play with the relationship between the language and images.

I notice that her new work tackles consumer culture and how women are pressured to spend money on their appearance. The language is more direct and I wonder if these are as strong as the other work. Working in this format, it is a challenge to balance political content with visual expression. “Feminist Art” often struggles from being swept into a corner. It is only relatable to a small audience. I like the idea of work that can resonate with a specific audience but also speak to others. When doing work that deals with social or political ideas, it seems like artists must work much harder to balance form and content. I recently had to re-write my statement for my new website and I found to very difficult to balance the two. For more info on the exhibit visit the galleries site:


Some of my faves of Kruger’s

Knowledge is Power

Not Ugly Enough

Your Body is a Battleground


Some of Kruger’s new work from the Munich show


Face It Green


Face It Yellow