9/11 – Remembering one off FDNY’s finest.

Manny Del Valle, one of the first people who helped me believe I could be a photographer, even a very small way. On this day I just wanted to honor his life, even though I only knew him very briefly.  It was my first B&W photo class at SVA’s continuing education, and when I saw an old building burning during a blizzard by my house I ran out with my Nikon 35mm.  But I was too shy to take pictures.  If Manny had not come over, eating a chocolate chip cookie in the middle of a 3 alarm blaze and asked me to take photo’s of his crew, I would not have felt the courage to take photos that day.  When they used those photo’s for his missing poster after Sept. 11th, and I saw them all over the city, I understood how a photograph can have a life and meaning far beyond its first intention.