Hello all… this is my first blogging experience so I hope you will all bear with me as I work out what I doing. This really is a whole new form of self-expression for me. I have to admit to feeling totally panicked about what to name this thing. It reminded of me of my first email, at the time, everyone seemed to have email addresses that somehow captured their essence as human beings. I spent hours trying out emails, only to find they were all taken – including every possible form of my name. So I ended up with an awkward and oddball email address, which of course I still have. So, I am hoping that this will not be quite so traumatizing. I shoot 4×5, and the first time I saw the image on the ground glass, I was hooked. My happiest times are spent discovering photographs under the dark cloth. I hope to make this a place to discuss photographic practice, technique and the work of artists that are interesting to me. I also hope it can be an open forum to confront the struggles and challenges of becoming an artist and how to find ways to support the work that you love.

– Cara